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relief at last. at the gas pump. prices plunging. heading for $3 a gallon, so how low will they go? and buck wild. why a senator from west virginia is demanding that mtv pull the plug on a new reality show being described as joer joer meets "honey boo boo." decides to manage the pitch meeting "jersey shore" meets honey boo boo. we have a lot of stories to cover this morning. good morning everyone at home. take a look at this. seems like on ordinary restaurant check. what is that on top? the word "fat girls" printed on the bill. if that wasn't bad enough, wait until you find out the reaction
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when they complain to the manager. also, this is sunday. football sunday. but for the second week in a row the nfl is dealing with disaster. coming up, what caused the fatal cra crash? and talk about a fish story. switching gears. a fisherman in california tells his tale after landing an e more us now tune ya with a rod and reel. it could be a record catch we're going to start this morning, the life or death mission in afghanistan to snap a american doctor out of the clutches of the taliban. the military really worried that taliban might kill this doctor. abc's mohammad lila is here this morning with new details inspect was a risky mission. >> absolutely, dan.
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this was a life and death rescue overnight. take a look at this doctor, dr. dilip joseph, he was working at a remote medical clinic, morningstar development. when he and two his colleagues were kid napd on tuesday. they the afghans were quickly released. but the doctor was kept in captivity. but last night, coalition forces made their move, making the decision to go in and rescue dr. joseph after learning his life was in imminent danger. now, u.s. officials tells abc news that it appears that the militants were preparing to take joseph to neighboring pakistan. that's why the top commander in afghanistan, john allen, ordered the raid himself. saying, quote -- dan, we didn't hear about this kidnapping when it happened on friday.
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because coalition officials were worried. the military in afghanistan, we sometimes forget that there are thousands of civilians in afghanistans working as trainers, instructors or as in this case, as a doctor, he was trying to set up remote medical facilities. because he wasn't part of the military, often times the civilians go there and they really put their lives literally on the front line because they don't have the support and the fire power that the american military does. >> mohammad lila, thanks for joining us. bianna over to you. we're going to now to a royal sighting. just two days after kate middleton was released from the hospital prince william made a splashy public appearance.
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meanwhile the family of the nurse who took her life after being fooled by a radio sprank speaking out. jefferey kofman is in london wih the latest. this is now a police investigation. an inquest begins tomorrow. while the duke and duchess of cam cambridge struggle the balance of being new parents with the struggle of the nurse. >> prince william went solo last night at a charity ball. the conversation he quipped about kate's illness. i don't know why they call it morning sickness. they should call it all day and all night sickness. he did not talk about the tragic death and apparent suicide of the nurse who fell for the hoax called. they issued a statement.
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on facebook, her daughter wrote this weekend simply -- i miss you. i love you. sa dane ya worked as a nurse at king edward vii hospital for four years. her family lives in bristol. with no receptionist overnight, she answered the prank call and put it through. >> hello, there. can i speak to my granddaughter kate? >> for kate it's another test of her new life in the public. >> while she understood what she was taking on, i think that there have been a couple of things that will have made them go, oh, my goodness, we didn't necessarily think that it was
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going to be this bad this day and age. >> it's sounding uncomfortably like the life of her late mother in law, princess diana who was hounded by the media. we have just learned that william has canceled a public appearance tonight. kate is understandably lying low, she had been to schedule appear at the london premiere at hobbit this wednesday. that will demapend on her medic condition. the two australian djs are basically in hiding. but there really is no hiding from the global tsunami of outrage headed in their direction and now, new questions about whether they may have actually broke on the law here. our coverage continues this morning with cecilia vega who's in sydney, australia. >> reporter: boy, you know the word tragedy is on every front page in sydney and those are the faces of those two djs. they haven't spoken publicly
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since this joke went so wrong. not just the mounting headlines. >> we have got another huge, huge show tonight. >> the two australian djs who radio prank took a tragic turn, soon may have to face australian police. if they illegally recorded a phone call to the hospital where kate middleton was being treated for morning sickness. their station boss says no laws were broken. >> we're very confident that we haven't done anything illegal. >> when is a good time to come and visit her, because i'm the queen sf. >> mel grieg and michael christian are in a fragile emotional state. the pair is now seeking the help of counselors. the djs are in hiding.
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their facebook and twitter accounts are at dark. criticism goes on. on the streets of sydney, australians we met seem more forgiving. some people are saying that they should be held criminally responsible or that they should be fired, any of those? >> no. >> no i thiit was only meant as joke. >> i feel bad. >> well, the d. are expected to reach out to the nurse's family. a spokesperson for the radio station we'll be hearing a public statement this week. lot more shoes to drop on this story. we'll continue to cover it here on "good morning america." meanwhile, lot of news
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developing overnight. we turn to john muller. good morning, everyone. for the second time in as many weeks the nfl is mourning the loss of one of its players. the dallas cow likewise josh brent will in court this morning. we're hearing from brent for the first time this morning. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: police say that josh brent was speeding down this road when his mercedes crashed, flipped and caught fire. in the passenger seat, his teammate, jeff brown. brent was given and failed field sobriety tests. brown was rushed to a hospital where he died. >> once the officers learned that brown had passed away then mr. price-brent was under arrest for intoxication manslaughter.
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>> on behalf of josh, a tremendous loss to him. >> reporter: it's not the first time that brent has been charged with drinking and driving. he was arrested in college and sentenced to 60 days behind bars. from his jail cell overnight he released a statement. it's been a tragic week for the nfl. last saturday, kansas city chiefs jovan belcher murdered his girlfriend and then killed himself just hours earlier, police talked to belcher found passed out in his car. >> how are you doing tonight, man sf. >>. >> reporter: belcher had been drinking. but since he wasn't driving, the police cut him a brack. with no way of knowing what he was about to do. >> crisis in egypt showing no signs of easing this morning despite a major concession by
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the president morsi. he said that he grab up some of those powers that he recently grabbed. opposition groups are calling for more protests saying he did not go far enough. hugo chavez said that he has cancer and it's returned. he'll head to cuba for a third time. and the college football phenom known as johnny football has earned a new nickname. johnny heisman. johnny manziel, his speech moving his parents to tears. >> i just want to thank you for the encouragement, the love and the patience over the years. grandpa, all the times we used to play in the hallway, i love you with all my heart and to grandma, i'm sorry for all of the things that we broke in the
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house. >> he threw for 3,000 yards and rushed for 1,000. finally, police in texas trying to arrest a man for a second time after he escaped from a cruiser. the suspect still in handcuffs. manages to open the back door of the car. the back door was still active. allowing him to roll it down and unlock that door. got to love that one. they got the car not too far away. little embarrassed there. >> i'm surprised they released that video. >> john, thank you. good news for holiday shopping, gas prices are dropping. dropping quite dramatically as a matter of fact. john schriffen has more. >> reporter: e experts say one of the reasons prices are going down, because issues earlier
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this year are back up and running at normal capacity. we'll actually see prices keep falling. this weekend, as drivers pull up to the pump and check out the price of gas, they're noticing a welcome trend. >> they're lowering it. it's amaze take a look. a month ago, the average was $3.50. last week it dropped to $3.40. and now, it's down, again, nearly 14 cents from the average a month ago. >> aaa prediction is by christmas we should have prices between $3.20 and $3.40. >> i'm thrilled. i have to buy gas no matter what, the fact that it costs less with christmas coming up. >> reporter: what's causing the sudden drop. prices typically do come down
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this time of year, other factors are bringing them closer to the near $3. >> hurricane sandy hit in a major population portion in the united states. we saw people driving a whole lot less. >> with plenty of gas going around, and not much demand, we the consumer have the upper hand. many are taking the opportunity to fill up and enjoy while it lasts. so, where can you find the cheapest gas? according to, the honor goes to missouri at nearly $3. but the good news for everyone around the country, experts predict we'll see these prices stay down at least until february. dan and bianna. >> good tips and good news finally. we're 23 days and counting until the nation falls off the fiscal cliff. president obama and house speaker boehner are going on
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with negotiations. >> we had another week of massive trash-talking, are we closer or further away from getting a deal? >> they're not really talking right now. that's what's most incredible. there were speeches all week long. lot of ads on television. less than an hour of negotiations. one-hour phone call between to president obama and house speaker boehner. democrats say they're not going to move until the republicans say they're going to be for higher tax rates on the wealthy. and spending cuts. republicans aren't going to come forward until the democrats say more about how they want to cut spending. right now, we're stuck. now, it could be the well that
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is getting poisoned right now, as positions are going to harden with all of these negotiations they sometimes with most fire before they break. the debt limit, president obama said that he's not going to negotiate at all over the debt limit. i don't know how you can get that resolved by december 31st. >> could the republicans give in on the tax cuts on the rich in this country if they want to use the debt limit as leverage? >> they could. lot of republicans have said, they know taxes are going to go up, but they want to know how far the president is willing to go in cutting spending especially that entitlement spending, even social security before they sign on to the higher rates. you got these guys circling each other before coming together. >> if i'm sitting at home and i'm not following politics
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closely, it looks like the usual gam gamesmanship out of washington. >> i think it's -- i think the odds are about $5050 right now. very high for a negative outcome. there is a very good chance they go over the cliff at least for a few days at the beginning of the year. that galvanizes everything and they're finally able to come to a deal. >> especially when you see the economy just recovering >> that's the thing. the question would be, how much harm will this do to the economy? i should say, once you see that prospect of everyone's taxes going up, i do think that no matter what, by mid-january at the latest, you will see that tax rate reinstated for most
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americans. >> psychological lit's causing damage. confidence drop as well because of what's going on in washington. george, thank you. today on the show, we got a big show, george has two powerhouse roundtables. later this morning on "this week." time now for a check of the weather with ginger dee. >> most the nation is snow-starved. overnight, we're getting our first big meal of snow that is. sacred heart, minnesota, picked over 4 inches, 4.5. these are preliminary numbers. because the snow is coming down hard. look at fargo. it's coming down an inch an hour. you know those totals are going to change and change quickly.
4:19 am
look who's enjoying it. iowa, there, in briar cliff the kids saying, all right, it's time. one more very snowy drive wway. let's get right there to the snowstorm. how much more can we expect? 8 to 12 right along that deep purple area. remember, this is not just snow, it's really gusty winds. that's why you have blizzard warnings. aberdeen is included in there. roadways may be troubling today. give you a heads-up just in case you're planning and then there's that cold, it stretches down to mexico. denver, only 18 this morning. north platt. we also have severe storms because it's mild out east.
4:20 am
that's the big picture. let's a check now a little closer to home. with all this new snow, i got a lot of nice snowy pictures. michigan got 1 to 3 inches. the sunrise in north carolina. beautiful there, from chuck there, you see the clouds just
4:21 am
leaving. mild day today. close to high record temps. >> a little walk down memory lane with ginger zee this morning. also this morning, an update of a big story that we told you yesterday. more now on the fisherman who caught what may be a record yellowfin tuna off the coast of san diego. take a look at this beast. >> the gigantic fish weighed 459 pounds and he landed it with rod and reel. maybe the biggest yellowfin tuna ever caught. he fought the fish for two hours and was stunned by his catch. >> i thought at first it was a shark. i was shocked. at first i was holding back. >> the previous record of 425 pounds was set earlier this year. lot of big fish floating around there. coming up -- why did a waiter hand a group of women a
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check with the word "fat girls on". reality show rage. find out why a senator from west virginia wants mtv to scrape its reality tv show described as "jersey shore" meets honey boo boo. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. our commitment has never been stronger.
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♪ and we're coming to your city ♪ call it redneck reality. with the "jersey shore" about to go off the air, mtv desperately needs a new hit and this, right here, is what they're banking on an appalachian state reality show called "buckwild." ginger over there writing it down, when that does show air? >> dvr that. but this senator is outraged.
4:30 am
he says it threatens the dignity of his state. also coming up, they may be the most beautiful family in america the brady bunch, three-times super bowl winner and now three-time dad, tom brady talks a about the tricky life about balancing football and family. take a look at these two guys, one of them is on a marine, they're on amusement park ride. 12k3w4r no, you wouldn't. >> okay, he asked for a countdown. we're freezing the action. because what happens next is ridiculously hilarious. wait until you hear and see the reaction of the guy on the left a marine, all coming up in the weekly pageantry of absurdity we call "fixation." but question begin with an outrageous restaurant bill. not because of the charge but
4:31 am
what was printed on it. two word "fat girls." they were understandably hurt and outrage. when they complained to the manager, his reaction only made it worse. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. one of the woman here involved seems emotionally scarred still, it began with a fun outing with friends but ended with a kind of bill that no one would want to pay. the casino, the house is supposed to win. but the cameo club in stockton, california, left three women taken in an unusually large way. >> i got the bill and i looked at the bill and i was like why does it say "fat girls. gts. >> there it is. a bartender named jeff typed in fat girls to keep of the bill.
4:32 am
to keep track. >> reporter: with just 25% discount, they declined the manager's next offer, too. >> well, i can do 50%. we were just like, 50%. >> in a facebook message overnight, the owner maggie lewis apologized saying -- as for jeff, he's now looking for a new job. >> he was busy last night. but that's no excuse. he's trying to clean up the mess. >> i want to tell them that we're sincerely sorry for that. >> reporter: but this is the sort of thing that will sting for a while. >> it's not funny. i can just see it over and over again. >> in the end, the casino and restaurant decided to raise their offer and comp the entire
4:33 am
bill. that is not the way they had in mind of beating the house. it's really something. >> you can see how upset about it they are. other news developing overnight. let's go back to john muller in for ron claiborne this morning. u.s. forces in afghanistan led a dramatic raid overnight rescuing this american doctor being held by the taliban. he was kidnapped wednesday. nelson mandela is said to be comfortable and looking well, the former president of south africa was admitted to the hospital on saturday for what were called routine medical checks. john mcafee has been granted a stay of deportation to beliez. finally a piece of hollywood history going up for auction the piano, from the iconic scene from casablanca.
4:34 am
it's expected to fetch more than $1 million. i think that might look nice in your apartment, what do you think? >> yeah. let's check in with ginger zee. >> john, good morning, everybody. the next big question is, okay, you're watching the snow in the western great lakes the the northern plains, is it going to the west? it goes into parts of eastern canada. it brings us along the east coast more rain. it will get colder behind that front. but no snow from the mid-atlantic to the stourn northeast. we'll show you who's going to continue to see snow and bitter cold, look at the numbers here, fargo is going to stay in the teens. these are high temperatures. minneapolis goes from 35 down into teens tomorrow. tomorrow, it's going to be very cold. around 12 for a high. chicago, the freezing mark.
4:35 am
then, denver here, will eventually get back up close to 50. mild in the southeast. but not so much there in the northern plains. that's the big picture. let's get a check now a little closer to home. >> this weather report has been brought to you by planet fitness. >> ginger, thank you. some good news to report to you. super bowl quarterback with a supermodel. >> gisele bundchen gave birth to the couple's child on thursday. and posted this first picture on friday. brady is getting ready for monday night's showdown between the new england patriots and the houston texans, however he did slow down long enough to speak
4:36 am
about the game and his family. >> i love coming to work every day. also being at home and giving those boys my attention and my affection and my discipline and being a good parent is so important. i grew up in a house with three sisters. i think it's great for my boys to have a girl in the house. you know, she's a beautiful little girl. >> that's great to see. >> congratulations to them. coming up here on our broadcast -- new show. new location. same bad behavior. mtv's new reality show based in west virginia why one of the state senators on the warpath now to shut this thing down. can you give me like a countdown? >> also ahead, ready or not, find out what happens when you
4:37 am
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okay, ready for some educational television. faced with the imminent demise
4:41 am
of show "jersey shore" mtv is turning to west virginia for a new show that's already making people very angry just like "jersey shore" did at the beginning. >> ginger can't wait to watch this new show it's called "buckwild." one senator is demanding they pull the plug. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning. i have known joe manchin from west virginia for a few years. i have never seen joe quite so angry. it's the latest mtv series creating waves. >> it's "buckwild." >> reporter: they call it buckwild other calls it appalachian state "jersey shore." not surprising since this new series of west virginia friends is the replacement for snooki and the rest of the game from jersey shore. they got more than their 15
4:42 am
minutes of fame. >> we're going to play a game called what's your jersey score? governor of new jersey? >> chris christie. >> but this time, it's trucks. great tv? >> this is white trash, redneck "jersey shore." >> reporter: not according to the critics. >> what i saw in the promo reel was an orgy of young people with utter and complete lack of any concern for their future. >> reporter: not even the critics shooting the strongest criticism. joe manchin the re-elected senator of west virginia. >> i understand they took five, six different tape takes to ge act outrageously. >> reporter: he's steaming. >> manchin is so angry he fired off a letter to mtv defending
4:43 am
the dignity of his state, calling for changes. something that chris christie tried in new jersey. >> positive for new jersey or negative. >> negative for new jersey. >> these kids from grown up in the hills of west virginia. they live life loud and proud and we follow that adventure. >> shame says the senator from west virginia. >> is that what we're trying to promote for the sack of the almigh almigh almigh almighty dollar? >> mtv hasn't comment tond letter from senator joe manchin. there's a report that mtv has another show in the works following young people in washington heights, a neighbor in upper manhattan, so maybe the senator's going to be joined by michael bloomberg in opposing some of these mtv shows.
4:44 am
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♪ you're my obsession all right, it's "fixation" where we pull out the most important stories from the internet and bring them to you. ginger? >> i was flipping out when i saw this. >> really? >> i just made a pun. >> there you go. flipping. >> stick to the forecast, ginger. >> all right.
4:49 am
he does this all the time. he's been in the circus. >> pretty cool. >> there are so many different variations if you want to see more. >> the music makes it more interesting, too, i like it. so, here's the story, it brought a tear to my eye. we see these story of children sitting on santa lap. their fathers are serving. meet this 5-year-old from wisconsin. >> santa asked what do you want? >> daddy to come home. >> there he is. he actually came home early. he's been in afghanistan since february. adorable, yes. >> that's really, really nice. >> beautiful. >> absolutely great. >> john? ever fall asleep in a college class. >> yes.
4:50 am
>> economics for me. >> check this one out. the professor goes up to a guy who's sleeping and gives him a snore. look at what he does. is that the weirdest thing? he knew that everyone was staring at him. there he goes. that was his reaction getting woken up during class. speaking of reactions. this is definitely the best reaction of the morning. a pair of guys on a ro roller-coaster ride. check this out. >> can you give me like a countdown? [ screaming ] [ laughter ] >> i haven't seen someone scare
4:51 am
like that since driving a nascar car. that is really the best thing that i have seen this morning. and we'll be right back with more "good morning america" after this quick break. one day george got an important letter... he's built a rocket ship to travel into space. it's just the right size for a clever monkey. do you want to go into space, george? you will have to be very brave. hi, grandma! oh hi,. my little monkey! here. thank you very much. you're welcome. everyone got on and they were off to the launching site. google, how far is earth to the moon? moon is 238,900 miles... the great moment had come...
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>> in the news this sunday morning, december 9, three murders in less than 24 hours in oakland, fueling a growing concern about safety. and the salvation army is at the center of a controversy at u.c. berkeley. why some students want to ban collection boxes on campus. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. m
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